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Failed Homemove date (Expedite Install)

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Failed Homemove date (Expedite Install)



I dont usually write a post but I am seriously lacking reasons why not to.


I started a home move quite a while ago and was promised broadband on the date i moved in.. Anyway person picked up the order done a line check clearly had old address details on the system found out which I already knew and why i was moving was fibre was not available and cancelled the order. Frustrated I phoned them to be argued with until they got what i was saying and done the check on my new property and said never mind they will sort it. Then they said > 2 weeks for install I said I cant as I work from home and need it they said i can pay for expedite phoned back later to pay told i cant and they havent heard of that being done.


You can probably tell from my grammar that I am having the odd anger issue over this situation they have seriously failed to manage my expectations and I actually feel I want to leave plusnet just because of this.


Has anyone else paid for expedite before?


I know it can be done

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Failed Homemove date (Expedite Install)

Hi Ninjr,


Apologies for the poor experience, here's a couple of bits I'd say:


There was a pending cease in your property that was due for the 31st March. Unfortunately, we were unable to do anything until this date.This has contributed


When we restart a line, it can take anywhere up to 24 hours for fibre to show as available. I believe that the agent jumped the gun in telling you it was unavailable, but that has been fed back already.


Expedites can be done, though we don't make habit of charging customers for it as it isn't guaranteed. I wouldn't recommend an expedite in this case.



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