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Engineer visit - didn’t call

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Engineer visit - didn’t call

I have been waiting 2 weeks for the engineer visit to turn my broadband on. The 16th of April am visit was confirmed which was perfect as it fell during school holidays and I had time off work. 
Friday morning came and went with no visit. I phoned twice to be reassured that the engineer was working on it and perhaps hadn’t required access to the property. I also received a message to confirm my broadband would be activated at midnight April 17th. 

Come Sunday still no internet so I called the customer service team. Unfortunately the department I required were not available on Sundays. The customer service guy was really helpful and offered to phone me 8am Monday morning and transfer me over so I wouldn’t have to wait in the queue. 

Monday morning 7am I received a text to say the engineer was coming that afternoon. I work in a busy NHS clinic and there was no way I could be home at that time. I was then informed that I would have to call back tomorrow and rebook an engineer visit. Another 2 week wait. 

I am a single mother - all of my AL is used up by school holidays plus I have to request annual leave 6 weeks in advance due to the nature of my clinics. I am unable to arrange another day off work to have an engineer visit. 

I appreciate it is an open reach issue and plus net were also not informed till the last minute, but I am fuming. I deliberately chose plus net because of the customer service reviews but this isn’t good enough.  Any ideas how we will be able to resolve this?? I was home. I fulfilled my obligations as agreed weeks in advance. 



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Re: Engineer visit - didn’t call

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