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Engineer no show

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Engineer no show

Engineer was meant to come on Wednesday 5th October between 8AM and 1PM but never turned up.
They havent gave me either another installation date and no one replied to my previous enquire
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Re: Engineer no show


It would probably be faster to phone Plusnet and wait in the queue as the response times on the forums can be a little slow. The average time for a staff response was 3 days earlier this week.

Not much comfort I know but this is how it is.

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Re: Engineer no show

Engineers are employed by Openreach which owns the cable network, not Plusnet who can only make the appointments and hope Openreach will turn up on time. There seems to be quite a few broken appointments at present, but individual customers cannot contact Openreach, you have to go through Plusnet.

Plusnet staff do monitor this forum but I would phone them if I were you. Long waits are annoying I know but you should still find it quicker. Have your details handy. Good luck!

Edited to add: @SpendLessTime beat me to it!

FURTHER EDITED: Openreach staff were on strike yesterday, see my separate post




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Re: Engineer no show

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