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Engineer Visit - What is involved?

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Engineer Visit - What is involved?

I've just completed my order, while doing so I was trying to get more information about the engineer visit from the live chat team. However they couldn't really answer my questions. Hopefully a member of staff on the forum can help.



My house does have a phone line, but it seems the previous owner may have believed the government was sending mind controlling signals down the line as they have disconnect the master socket, binned it and then covered it with a blanking plate.


I was trying to find out if the engineer will 100% be visiting the property, as I know sometimes this is not always necessary. Obviously in my case I do need the engineer to come inside the property to install a master socket!


Hopefully for the lovely price of £50, this will entitle me to a master socket installation Angel

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Engineer Visit - What is involved?

Welcome to the community forums @tomcurtis94.

The £49.99 charge will cover the installation of the socket.


While the engineer may just re-install this where the blanking plate is currently and may not necessarily cover moving this to another location in the property, it does look like the order has been placed with an engineer visit to the property and they should ensure there is a socket in working order during their visit.


I hope this helps.

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