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Engineer Refused To Install The Line

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Engineer Refused To Install The Line

I placed an order for broadband installation over a month ago, and had to wait for a month for the engineer appointment.

When the engineer came he refused to install the line as he stated he needed written permission from the council. Which is totally inaccurate as the property is privately rented and not a council property!

The engineer stated that I would have to email written proof and confirmation to PlusNet - yet there is NO email address available to email anyone at PlusNet, which makes the whole situation even more ridiculous.

I'm being billed for a service that is not being provided, and asked to provide something that is impossible to provide.

Can someone from PlusNet Support please contact me urgently about this impossible situation?!



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Re: Engineer Refused To Install The Line

Plusnet are increasing stupid, so I feel for you. 

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Re: Engineer Refused To Install The Line

Point of information, @markjohnson - the OpenReach engineers don't work for Plusnet - they work for BTOR.


@alanghorn2002 I'm not a  PN staffer, but I have never heard of that situation before. As a tenant, I assume you had the landlords permission to have the line installed, and in any case, an engineer cannot unilaterally make that decision if he has been sent to do a job. Something is not quite right here.