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Early router activation

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Early router activation


I was wondering if it would be possible to activate my router earlier than the set date. We recently moved to a new place and wanted to set up WiFi. We paid for the fibre broadband on Wednesday (23/07) and then come Monday we phoned the customer service and were informed that BT hadn't even confirmed the order, they had some sort of problem I guess? Then it was confirmed manually on 27/07, same day we received a message confirming that the router has been sent out and we got it today 28/07. But now we have to wait a week till the 4th for it to be activated. So it would be 2 weeks from the original date we tried setting it up and it would cause a lot of issues, since some of our work revolves around doing it online.

Thank you for any information. It would be really helpful if its possible to activate the line as early as possible.

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Re: Early router activation

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