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Early Activation

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Early Activation

Hi team,


Happy New Year! Let’s hope this year isn’t as dire as the one that has just past.


My partner and I have just purchased a Fibre broadband package for our new home. The previous owner was with PlusNet and has cancelled their package last week. The line has been dead for circa. 8 days. We’ve been given a start date of the 18th of January for our newly purchased package. 


I was wondering if it’s possible for an earlier connection? We have a router setup and as I say it was working previously on the old owner’s package so my thinking was that it would be easier just for PlusNet to get us setup rather than having to deal with a different former provider, swapping over and then connecting. But hey, what do I know haha. 


Thanks in advance. 


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Re: Early Activation

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Re: Early Activation


Thanks for reaching out regarding your order. All orders to provide customers with a telephone and broadband service are subject to a lead time which effects all internet service providers. Therefore activation dates cannot be brought forward in your situation.


I've had a further look into the account however and have found a slight issue which we may require your assistance withy. I've sent you a detailed email to the address registered on the account. You'll also be able to see this via the Plusnet Member Centre on the following link: 209846440


I hope this helps, Adam.

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Re: Early Activation

Hi Adam,


Thanks for the message - I'll follow this up via email now. Thank you!