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Earlier connection request

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Earlier connection request


I placed an order for my parents so, they could switch from TalkTalk to Plusnet. At first it said their activation date would be the 4th Nov, it has now changed to 14th Nov. I know time lines can't be guaranteed but they are in their 80's and currently have no wifi, due to my Dad messing with things he shouldn't, parents! The thing is they have cameras which need wifi to function so I was wondering if there was any chance that their order could be pushed through sooner, for mine and their peace of mind. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Re: Earlier connection request

Hi @IceQueen thanks for getting in touch.

I've looked into this for you to see if there's anything we can do to speed the process up however unfortunately as we're still taking over a working line, we can't provide a sooner activation date I'm afraid.

The minimum lead time when taking over a working line is 10 working days which begins from when the order is placed with our suppliers even though I appreciate they've signed up a lot sooner.

As it stands their phone and broadband service are due to go live on 13th November by midnight(23:59:59), I suspect the date of the 14th they've been provided is referring to midnight as in 00:00:00.

If they're without service at the moment, have they reported a fault to their current provider? They'd be responsible for fixing any faults with their service for them in the meantime while we're taking over the line.

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