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Due to go live - not heard a word

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Due to go live - not heard a word

Moved house and dutifully placed an order for fibre.


The engineer is due out tomorrow and I've heard absolutely nothing.


We've now been in the house for 2 weeks with no phone or internet with no sign of when that might change.



EDIT: just had a look in "Aks a question" and I can see this form the eveing I placed the order

We've been unable to place the order for your phone service.

Our support team will look to resolve this. You don't need to do anything.

[internal note]
System unable to place wlr3 order. Details are:

Postcode: xxxxx
Order type: Provide
Error message:
Caused by AddAppointmentAction with parameters contactNumber - xxxxxxx, cssDatabaseCode - SW, installationType - null, locationType - Residential, slot - AM, date - java.util.GregorianCalendar[time=1510012800000,areFieldsSet=true,areAllFieldsSet=false,lenient=true,zone=sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="Europe/Guernsey",offset=0,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,transitions=242,lastRule=java.util.SimpleTimeZone[id=Europe/Guernsey,offset=0,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,startYear=0,startMode=2,startMonth=2,startDay=-1,startDayOfWeek=1,startTime=3600000,startTimeMode=2,endMode=2,endMonth=9,endDay=-1,endDayOfWeek=1,endTime=3600000,endTimeMode=2]],firstDayOfWeek=2,minimalDaysInFirstWeek=4,ERA=?,YEAR=2017,MONTH=10,WEEK_OF_YEAR=?,WEEK_OF_MONTH=?,DAY_OF_MONTH=7,DAY_OF_YEAR=?,DAY_OF_WEEK=?,DAY_OF_WEEK_IN_MONTH=?,AM_PM=?,HOUR=?,HOUR_OF_DAY=?,MINUTE=?,SECOND=?,MILLISECOND=?,ZONE_OFFSET=?,DST_OFFSET=?], addressRef - A00033010487, appointmentRequestType - PROVIDE.
Error Message : Openreach have not returned any appointments for a installation job of this size. If you are providing a new service then the order can be resubmitted using Add New Address which will cause appointing to be skipped.


this is 'awaiting support team answer' 2 weeks later, and I've not been notified in any way.

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Re: Due to go live - not heard a word

Unfortunately the order has failed and PlusNet have done nothing about it, either by informing you or replacing the order. You need to have words with support and get them to sort it out. It pays to view your questions frequently to see if anything is happening, in this case nothing even got ordered.

 Not good service from PlusNet.Angry

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Re: Due to go live - not heard a word

I will definitely be keeping my eye on the questions area in future but until today I didn't even know it existed!

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Re: Due to go live - not heard a word

Thanks for getting in touch and I do apologise for the issues with your order.

I've checked over your account and can see one of my colleagues in the provisioning team has spoken to you regarding this and the orders are now in place again. The orders will be tracked on your account via this ticket.


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Re: Due to go live - not heard a word

Openreach engineer arrived today and spent over an hour.


Final outcome was line present and all the testing he can do shows no issues. However on plugging in the router for testing there is a fault shown. I advised that PN said to not plug it in yet but engineer insisted on doing it for testing. When he did this the light intiially went blue for a few seconds before changing to flashing red & orange.


Openreach support advised that there is an issue with how PN have set up my connection - and they believe it is not related to my internet not being live until tomorrow.


Been on hold for customer services for over 30 minutes so far - suspect I won't be getting an answer any time soon - just want confirmation that I will be connected soon

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Re: Due to go live - not heard a word

Your order hasn't completed yet with our suppliers so it's unlikely your connection will work until that has happened.

It can take anytime to midnight so please can you let us know how it goes tomorrow?

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