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Dont waste your time with this company

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Dont waste your time with this company

Do not use this company!!
I ordered broadband with plusnet at the start of October with the plan of having the account setup and engineer booked for the start of November, when I was planning to move house. I was told by Plusnet that this would give plenty of time to get an engineer and they would book one for the day we moved in. Myself and my partner both work from home at the moment so Internet is essential for us. It gets to a week before the end of October and I call Plusnet to confirm an engineer was booked and they assured that I would get confirmation by email. No email arrives so I call again only to be told that no engineer had been booked by Plusnet and they would do it in this call, this in now 3 weeks behind when I originally ordered my broadband and this means an engineer can't be booked for 2 weeks into November and 2 weeks after we were meant to move. Due to this we haven't been able to move house and have been staying with family instead so that we can work.

I then get an email saying Plusnet have delayed our broadband appointment because they forgot to book a survey even though I told them at the very start that a line needs to be connected. Finally I am told our service will be expedited and that we will have an engineer on the 23rd. Two days later I get an email saying the date has changed again and that the service is further delayed. I am still without Internet and the ability to work due to the constant mistakes this company make.

No point during this process have they called me to explain what has happened and instead I have had to chase them for updates. There is absolutely no customer service offered by this company. As soon as my line is finally connected I will be moving providers. Don't waste your time with them!
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Re: Dont waste your time with this company

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