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Disgusting customer service !!!

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Registered: ‎18-11-2020

Disgusting customer service !!!

I applied for broadband on the 11/11/2020. It has been two weeks and I have not recived so much as a conformation email of my order! When I applied there was a problem with the website pages updating as I made my order, however I got a message saying sorry there was a technical issue, but it should not effect your order.

Well the only thing that was NOT effected was the information they got for taking my MONEY !!!! I have had NO conformation email, NO hub delivery and no contact what so ever. They have taken £29.99 out of my account so they must of recived the information I typed in.

I have spent a long time trying to find out how to contact them. Their "online chat" is OFF LINE ! They do NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS to contact them, only for "MEDIA" contacts. I have also posted here a week ago asking for help and even sent a private message to the staff members here to look at my post. I have had ZERO response.

I understand that they have a ticket "system" on their members website, however I have been unable to log into my account AT ALL! My details are CORRECT yet it just says not recoqnised. I am also aware that there is a phone number to contact them. I have been all over this "community" forum and the over riding information I have learnt is that it takes HOURS for them to answer the phone, that is if you don't get disconnected in the mean time.

I have NEVER in my 50 years of living experience, been subjected to such an appaling customer service from a large company like this. The entire thing seems like a diliberate SCAM.

I would like a plusnet staff member to reply to this message so they can get my details and assure me that I will be getting a FULL REFUND as I have now applied for an account from NOW TV broadband, who, incidentally have already confirmed my order by email, given me an activation date and allowed me to track my order on a very easy to use website.

EVERYTHING plusnet SHOULD OF DONE in the first place.

My only hope now is, is that they don't delete this post to cover up their incompertance.