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Disgraceful Service, Useless Staff

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Disgraceful Service, Useless Staff

I ordered fibre broadband WEEKS ago to try and increase the internet speed in the house so me, my husband, and son could work at home more effectively.

After no communication and having to chase up the order myself, I have now found out there was apparently a problem at the exchange and now we have NO INTERNET AT ALL since we have been switched from Sky to NO SERVICE.

I was promised callbacks TWICE after waiting in long call queues and received NONE.

After finally getting through, I was told we will have to be TWO further engineer appointments to fix PLUSNET'S problem. This is a disgrace.

HOW can my husband send emails from home with no internet?

My son has TWO important interviews next week for his first job since coming home from university. How is he supposed to prepare?


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Disgraceful Service, Useless Staff



I'm really sorry about the problems you've had. I've had a look at the history of the provisioning to see if there's anything that can be done to get your internet up and running as soon as possible but unfortunately there isn't. 


It looks like when the transfer completed from Sky to ourselves, the line order was marked as closed and working but when the fibre order was going through testing a fault was detected. 


This has resulted in the requirement for another fibre engineer to go out as the transfer was classed as a failed install. This is because of a fault in the cabinet, specifically the pairs you're connected to that were causing a short and no dial tone on the line. 


They've scheduled another visit but obviously these are based on resource in the area, and are classed as multi-skilled engineers, but hopefully this should be over the weekend but we won't receive an update until Monday. I recognise this doesn't really help your situation as you're still without service but I'm very sorry to say there isn't currently much else we can do.