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Disconnected my phone and reinstated with a different number

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Disconnected my phone and reinstated with a different number

We are shortly moving house. I agreed a provisional moving date of 31 July with Plusnet, but our sale was delayed. I advised them of a new date in August, which Plusnet confirmed on 22 July. Last Friday they cut off our phone and broadband. After standing in a field for an hour on Saturday waiting for Plusnet to answer, (we have no mobile signal at home) I was told they would reinstated today. Then I was sent a copy of Question 203074908 which confirmed that our current phone would be reinstated BUT WITH A DIFFERENT NUMBER, that the broadband would not be ordered until this had been done, and then when both had been reinstated, the installation at the new house would be cancelled. What Plusnet seem to have done is not to reinstate the service they erroneously switched off, but to use the moving house request we already have open as a device to reconnect our current property with a new number, at which point the request will be closed and we will have no phone or broadband at our new house. I have made these points by way of reply to Question 203074908 and on the Plusnet Help twitter link, but with no response. I am posting here in the hope that someone from Plusnet might read this who lives in the real world rather than the parallel universe of Customer Service and Provisioning.

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Re: Disconnected my phone and reinstated with a different number

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