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Delayed Activation and '{strCustActivationdate}' message

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Delayed Activation and '{strCustActivationdate}' message


I originally set up for our WiFi to go live on 18th September in our new flat (the previous tenants had PlusNet Fibre so we thought this was the easiest option for us). Having no communication after receiving our router in early September, we just assumed on the 18th we could plug in and it would be live (and would wait until midnight to double check).

This was still not live on Saturday, when I called 3 times (to be cut off twice and on the third time left on hold for over an hour), I was told that our WiFi would be live by Tuesday (22nd) at the latest and I still have not received any update on this - only the Home Phone Line which is dated to be Friday 25th. We cannot wait this long as I am having to work from home and this is causing a lot of stress and disruption. From the previous notes on 30th August, it clearly says that the line is already active (makes sense as the previous tenants used the same service). This should hopefully be a case of activating the line as no engineer should be needed.

Our order tracker has since updated, but it still is stuck on 'ACTIVATING YOUR LINE: Broadband orders typically take a week to complete. We're waiting for confirmation that your broadband order, due {strCustActivationdate}, has completed.'

Any update as soon as possible would be appreciated, thank you.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Delayed Activation and '{strCustActivationdate}' message

Thanks for your post @EveH

I can see you've messaged us on Facebook regarding this so we'll respond to you there

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