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Delay with my order

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Delay with my order

I am also very disappointed as I moved flats in the same house and waited 3 weeks or more for the line to be connected today BUT still got no Broadband!! I am glad I chatted online but then had to make 3 calls to you and was told that the Broadband needed to be ordered!! WHAT??? Surely the Broadband is ordered when we order Broadband Huh  If I had not chatted then I do not know what would have happened. I have the same router and have spent far too much using 3 mobile internet for 3 weeks already.!!! Now I still have to wait, I have been told 4 days for the Broadband. Disgusting service this time. 

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Re: Delay with my order

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Re: Delay with my order

Hello @MrsPuddleduck,


Thanks for getting in touch. We are sincerely sorry for the delay in getting you connected. Usually we can activate broadband at the same time a phone line is installed but sometimes we can't I'm afraid. We have placed the broadband order now and we'll confirm the completion date shortly via the account here.

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