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Delay in phone line connection

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Registered: ‎02-09-2019

Delay in phone line connection

My phone line was supposed to be connected and broadband activated by 20th August. Not happened by today 2nd September and no communication as to why not. Please tell me what is going on
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Delay in phone line connection

Hi @ceg234,


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I'm sorry you've had such a long delay getting your services activated. I've had a look at the orders and the delay has been caused by a lack of pairs at the cabinet to get you online, although all other work has completed. The process to rectify a no spare pairs issue is actually relatively simple and absolutely shouldn't take over two weeks to get resolved. The engineer that attended prior to the completion date has marked this as needing new pairs assigned but then has done this incorrectly, it hasn't flagged up in Openreach's systems so they've never sent anyone out, and because we didn't receive the delay notification our automated system hasn't flagged it to a human. I can only apologise for that but I'll keep an eye on that pair engineer going out so we can ensure you get connected. I've just created a ticket on your account for us to monitor it.