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Delay activation of new order

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Delay activation of new order


I recently raised an order for a phone line to be switched to plusnet along with taking FTTC broadband.  This was for my mother who is moving house soon.  I never had an option to specify/request a date, and it looks like it will all happen way to early, as its for a new house she is in the process of buying and likely wont have completed the purchase for around another 6 weeks.

I have tried calling customer services but it doesnt seem like that is operating at the moment.

Any idea how I can:

Get the activation/take-over of the phone line pushed back a few weeks?

Get the delivery address of the router changed to the address where she is currently living?


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Re: Delay activation of new order

Thanks for getting in touch @macdog 

If you can drop me a PM with your mother's username I'm happy to arrange this for you.

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