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Contract Renewal Price Increase

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Contract Renewal Price Increase

I have had Plusnet fibre with line rental since 2013.

Over time, due to renewing my fibre for 24 months and buying the Line Rental Saver, both the fibre and line have deviated from the renewal dates.


My current fibre contract ends on the 02/03/2017 and when I called, I was told the price will increase by £2.99 per month on a new 18 months or 24 months contract.


When I asked to cancel the fibre, I was told my line will  be disconnected as well and I will lose the line rental saver I paid covering up to September 2017.

I am now at a disadvantage and Plusnet have the upper hand. I either pay the £2.99 extra per month or lose 7 months worth of line rental fee.


Any suggestion regarding this?




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Re: Contract Renewal Price Increase

Most of us on dual play have dilemma; my LRS expires March, but BB in September. Will bite the bullet & have to pay full line rental price after LRS expiry, so I can review my dual package options in September.
Their parent of course offers 12 month dual packages.
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Re: Contract Renewal Price Increase

I had the same problem because I took the TV package and had to have a new contract. I paid the full LRS for 5mths it was only £1.50pm so a total of an extra £7.50 but at least they are back in line so if I want to leave because of price rises in the future when my contract ends of even under their 'detrimental' terms agreement I can, without losing a lot more money.