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Confirming cashback - conflicting information

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Confirming cashback - conflicting information

I had tagged this onto another thread but that one is marked as 'fixed' so I thought I would start a new one to ensure it doesn't get lost.

I signed up to switch provider to Plusnet last weekend, going with a deal advertised on Money Saving Expert which included £75 cashback.

I'm pretty sure the deal advertised on the MSE website said that the cashback would be triggered automatically, which sounds like the email that is being described in this thread. However, I've realised that none of the documentation I've received so far makes reference to the cashback (or at least that I can see). The deal has now ended and unfortunately I did not get a screenshot so I can't cross reference.

I'd like confirmation that my order definitely includes cashback, because if something has gone astray then I will end up in a 12 month contract paying quite a bit more than I expected. I contacted Plusnet customer service via the online chat earlier on Saturday and was told that Plusnet would have no record of this at their end and I needed to claim it through MSE - I don't think that this is what the deal stated and I cannot obviously see where to claim on the MSE website. If Plusnet have no record, how will they automatically send an email 10 days after the broadband is activated?


Based on other threads, it seems like this can be checked. I'd really like to confirm because I still have an opportunity to cancel the order at the moment - if I wait until after the service is activated then I could be stuck at a higher price and one of the main reasons for switching was because of the cashback lowering my overall cost.

Please could someone from Plusnet confirm what I should do?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Confirming cashback - conflicting information

Hi @battenburg


Thank you for getting in touch on the Community.


When it comes to cashback there are a number of offers and ways in which it is claimed. The process for the cashback offer that is linked to your account is an automatic cashback offer of £75. As a result you will receive your cashback in the post within 60 days of your service activation.


I have sent you a ticket with a full confirmation of this that you can view here