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I raised a complaint regarding my services because no router was received or ordered by plusnet before services started. I had thought the complaint had been resolved by a lady called [CSA Removed] in complaints on 5 June 2020, however, to date the gesture offer made that day has not yet been credited to my account. Can this be done now please?

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Re: Complaint

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Re: Complaint

Thanks for getting in touch @tommo85 

I'm really sorry for the delay in applying the credit. We're applying the credit now and it'll go towards your next bill.

I've also passed feedback on regarding this as it appears to have not been applied because of adviser error.

Let us know if there's anything else you'd need help with

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Re: Complaint

Can you say how much they've offered? I've been without internet for 2 weeks, they keep saying they have a complaint open and will discuss compensation when I actually have the internet but still tempted to give up and go back to Sky (who never blamed Openreach once!!!)

Guessing they won't pay for the unpaid leave I have to take since I can't work from home with no internet.