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Complaint on a number of levels

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Complaint on a number of levels

1) Have been waiting on hold for 2 hours (yes a whole two hours of my life I won't get back) listening to the slightly annoying music with no update where I am in the queue or whether your customer service lines are even still open. For a telecommunications service provider this is less than acceptable.

2) I ordered a broadband and phone package on 25th July. The telephone service was activated on 22nd September, the broadband service is not active and I have not been given a date when this will happen

3) I am coming across from John Lewis - whose service is provided by plusnet. This should be really easy for you to transfer across surely as you control both ends of the transfer?

4) I offered on a call to one of your customer service representatives back on the 15th August not to have a router sent if that would help in making the switch quicker as I was happy to adjust the setting myself when the service was switched over. This was noted at the time but my switch over appears to be stuck for some reason

5) As things currently stand I am paying twice for my service - telephone to plusnet and broadband to john lewis. 

6) The customer service representative on the 15th August offered to credit my account with £10 for the trouble I had experienced up to that point. But this did not happen as it appeared to be overruled by someone above who reviewed the question and it was therefore not actioned.

7) Really, really disappointed with how I have been treated by plusnet. I feel for the customer service representatives who have been helpful and professional when I have spoken to them and given the difficulty in getting through at the moment must be over worked - I think they and I have been let down by something that is not working well at your organisation at the moment.


Really hope these temporary issues can be resolved quickly and my faith in your company restored - thank you.


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Re: Complaint on a number of levels

I have had the same issue on the phone also. It seems the phone lines are being left open after the office is closed. I got through to someone on the online chat after being on hold for 90mins. They told me the customer support office had already closed and the lines should have been closed.

I am sympathetic to how overloaded customer support is, but I feel it's unfair to leave the phone lines open. I am also overloaded and my time is precious. I raised a complaint via the sales person on chat.

My background is that I have one property with PlusNET and I'm moving another from BT to PlusNET at this time. The new order has had a number of issues over the past month.

I would say that I've been very pleased with PlusNET since moving from BT on the first property. I felt the customer support at BT worsened to the point I couldn't continue with them. In contrast PlusNET customer support has been very prompt and efficient.

I don't know if it's related but I have been following in the news the industrial action by CWU on behalf of the BT group of companies. Employees at BT group companies held a national day of action this week. PlusNET would be part of this.