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Compensation after terribe botched broadband transfer resulting in no broadband for 6 days.

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Compensation after terribe botched broadband transfer resulting in no broadband for 6 days.

Just had one of the worst customer service experiences in my life at the hands of Plusnet.

What was supposed to be a simple wired broadband transfer from TT (mainly to get better customer service) turned out to be an embarrassingly long saga which meant  myself and my wife could not work from home or contact distant relatives via skype or indeed conduct most of our affairs  over the holiday period  from the morning of 30th Dec to this morning.


After receiving umteen texts telling me broadband was ready I waited and waited for the router to arrive - which it did not. After calling their helpline I was informed (2 days before New Year) .. wait for it.. they hadn't dispatched the router and it would take 3 - 5 working days. Note: I had to initiate the phone call, their systems had not detected the mistake.

Next I asked the operator for the settings over the phone so I could reconfigure the TT router onto PN network? - answer, no.

Could it be dispatched  express delivery to arrive on 31st  ?- answer no.

Asked what options were available , was told to contact BT Openreach for short term contract but would they pay ? - answer No.


In summary , a simple but fundamental task was messed up, which their systems did not detect and then  no efforts made to rush the router out or indeed help in any way. Given that I changed to PN from TT not for financial but customer service reasons it makes this experience even worse. Demonstrably their systems and customer service are poor and in my opinion even worse than TT.


Over the next 10 days I will be initiating a transfer out of PN and will not accept any penalties for it ( future DD's will be stopped and router available for pick)..


My question is, can they attempt to charge me for terminating the contract and what are the legal requirement PN must abide by when causing such difficulties to customers for largely inexcusable reasons at the hands of  chaotic organisations such as PN ? 





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Re: Compensation after terribe botched broadband transfer resulting in no broadband for 6 days.


I have no axe to grind either way but to précis your post.

1. You have moved from one bargain basement ISP to another seeking better customer service.

2. Because Plusnet failed to send you a hub you were without a connection for 6 days including a bank holiday.

3. You were disappointed to learn that the TT hub is incompatible with the Plusnet network.

4. As a result you will break the contract and refuse to pay cancellation charges.

Can Plusnet attempt to apply cancellation charges? Of course they can attempt it unless you are still within 14 days of signing up for the service, including passing the debt on to a Debt Collection Agency.  This is one area where an automatic process works faultlessly.

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