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Charged for twice. No Email

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Charged for twice. No Email


I have tried to register as a new broadband user last night, twice (I will tell why it happened below), resulting in that plusnet has deducted the upfront from my bank account twice.

Every time after the deduction, it came up with a message telling me that there was a technical error, which I could find no way to resolve it or resume to the registration process. The error message showed that there would be an email sending to my mailbox, but there isn't any email from plusnet at all.

In addition, I have tried to log in using my email address provided or plusnet account name chosen, but all failed. I have also tried to reset the password using my email address and my plusnet account name, but of course in vein.

Could anyone advise me what I should do? I am really confused.

To Plusnet staff: The email address I used to register is same as the one I use for registration of my Plusnet Community account. Thank you.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Charged for twice. No Email

Hi there, I believe I've just responded to you over on Facebook. Apologies again for the issue and I've replied to your message advising what steps to take. 


Please do get back to me though if there's anything further we can help with. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team