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Charged for new line in error

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Charged for new line in error


I'm hoping you're going to be able to help me. I've just changed supplier to Plusnet and I can see that I've been charged £49.99 for a phone line installation. I was not aware we would need one as from what I understand Plusnet use the same cables as BT (our previous supplier). This was not something that was highlighted as required when I provided my details so I'm assuming there has been an error. I've been trying to get through to customer services about this but the chat option is never available and the phone wait times are always been 30-45 mins. I hope you can help!



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Re: Charged for new line in error

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Re: Charged for new line in error

Hi Lisa.

I've had a look through your account. From a breakdown of your invoices here, I can't see where we've charged you for a new line installation. If I've got something wrong let me know please.




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