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Charged for installation when changing from Sky to Plusnet

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Registered: ‎26-09-2020

Charged for installation when changing from Sky to Plusnet

Hi, I think I have been incorrectly charged £49.99 for installation by plusnet when migrating fibre broadband from Sky.

I thought that a simple change of phone and broadband did not attract such a high charge and I am certain that there was no mention of this when signing up. Both the phone line and the phone number remain as before although while I was waiting for the migration to occur Plusnet sent me an email saying that my phone number would change. On receiving this email I phoned up Plusnets support line and they said that they would cancel my original order and raise a new one as this would allow me to keep my old number.

The Sky account was in my fathers name but as he is terminally ill I am moving as many bills and services as possible onto my name so this may have added to the confusion and delay (order was placed on the 29th of July and did not go live until 23rd of September).

This is the bill:

Installation Charge £49.99

Line Rental £19.99

Unlimited Fibre Initial Subscription £15.99

Activation Fee Discount £-10.00

Unlimited Fibre Discount £-12.99

Activation Fee £10.00 

Total: £72.98


Is this bill correct?

Thanks in advance.