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Changing over from Sky - help with booster

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Changing over from Sky - help with booster

Hello. This is my first post so apologies if not done correctly! I have just changed over from Sky to Plusnet. Sky was getting too expensive and Plusnet had a good deal. The change over time is around 10-14 days to change over. My current Sky broadband isn’t great to get signal. I only have a small flat - all on one level. But as soon as I leave my living room where my router is, the internet goes. I was advised by Sky to buy one of their boosters to help. I did and I have to say it made a big difference. Plusnet don’t offer a booster option incase needed, so I’ve no idea what to do if the internet happens to be the same with Plusnet. Can anyone help and in as simple terms as possible as I’m clueless with stuff like this. Many thanks!
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Re: Changing over from Sky - help with booster

Welcome to the forums, @EmmaW97 . If you only have a small flat, but have been losing your Wi-Fi signal when you move away from the router as you describe, it sounds as though the Sky routers signal is really weak.

The signal from the stock router supplied by PN isn't that great, but I can't believe it is that bad - don't know for certain, as I don't use it.

Are you going to be on Fibre with PN? - if so, there is plenty of advice on the forum if you have problems, and a number of experienced users who can help if you get stuck.