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Cashback email not received

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Cashback email not received

I signed up via the plusnet deals page which promised a £70 voucher once my service had gone live. I did not receive any email and have just contacted yourselves to ask about this. I was told by the customer services person and his manager that your log shows an email was sent on 2nd Sept and that it must have gone into my spam. I said I did not receive this email and asked for a duplicate copy to be sent to me.Strangely, even though the customer services manager said he was going to send me an email with an attachment of the original email, the attachment failed to send!

I was told by the customer services manager that because the time period for the deal had expired, I was no longer eligible to receive the reward, even though I had not received an email giving me details of how to claim it. The customer service manager essentially told me 'too bad, it went to your spam and now there's nothing we can do'. He offered me a £35 goodwill gesture instead. I am really unhappy that simply because I did not receive an email from yourselves (i.e. you failed me) that as a service provider, you seem to consider it acceptable to effectively tell a customer 'too bad' and that if I choose to leave your service before the 18 month contract expires, I'll face cancellation charges!

Do you people not have any concept of what constitutes good customer service in your organisation any more? Seriously, not wonder people just leave, you don't do anything to maintain good customer relations and retain your customers! Sending this message so that hopefully other customers (and potential customers) can see how badly you treat your existing customers (even when the fault is on your side!)

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Cashback email not received

Hi @kingedward28


Thank you for getting in touch. I would like to review this with my manager tomorrow so I have taken ownership of this issue. You can review your complaint here


Kind Regards