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Cashback Not Tracking

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Cashback Not Tracking

I was expecting £70 cashback as I purchased through topcashback. However this has not tracked and plusnet told me that I should wait until the router arrives/ set up before contacting them. I wonder now if this is to get me past the 14 day cancellation period! Is there anyone from plusnet who can help look into this for me?

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Re: Cashback Not Tracking

Hi there, I've checked with our Marketing team. I can confirm that the cashback is tracking properly. It would be paid by Topcashback and you should be able to track it via your account there.


You should receive the money once the sale has been validated by Plusnet which is usually at the end of each month. In your case, I'd advise to check your TCB account at the beginning of April.


If you have any problems you should be able to raise a transaction query with topcashback.


As for your 14 day cooling off period, this begins from when you first created your account with Plusnet.


I hope this helps.

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