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Can someone confirm my order is OK?!

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Can someone confirm my order is OK?!

Hi, ordered plusnet on 16th September and I still haven't gone live. Apparently there were issues with open reach. Now when I check order tracker I get the following:

Your broadband order should complete on {strCustActivationDate}.

Can someone confirm that my order will still go through on the 15th like planned? Waiting over a month for a broadband order is bad enough but kids are making it worse!
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Re: Can someone confirm my order is OK?!

hi, if you go here  and enter your phone number it will give info on estimated speeds for your line etc there will be a box below that, in that box it should say if your order is still ongoing and if so what date it's expected to be done by Openreach.

Other than that there isn't anything else to help here on the forum other than a visit by one of the Plusnet Staff who rarely show up these days, your best bet might be to call even though it might mean waiting on hold for some time. 

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Re: Can someone confirm my order is OK?!

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