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Broadband switch?

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Broadband switch?

Despite this being made easier recently, I still don't understand the process..

I'm currently with BT and my contract ends on the 19th Feb (in 30 days) but I can get a better deal with Plusnet and cashback so will be switching to them but I have no idea when I should order from them to not get charged extra from BT and to minimize downtime.

Plusnet Live Chat have told me I choose the migration date when joining them which is between 1-4 weeks so been advised to do it around the 23rd. However this would mean my 30 days notice extends and I'd still owe BT something (may be small amount) but I've seen on their website that the notice period when switching is 14 days - "Exceptions to the 30-day minimum notice period

  1. If you're switching to another provider through the normal process, the notice period will be 14 days."


This information above is also within the BT terms:

You can cancel the agreement at any time by giving us:

  • 14 days' notice, if you're switching to another provider through an approved switching process


Can someone explain this process to me please? Do I give 30 or 14 days notice?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Broadband switch?


Hi @The1nonly1,

If you're worried about potential charges incurring from your current provider, I would recommend discussing this with them for further clarification, as the last thing that we'd want is to give a misleading answer.

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 Alex H
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