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Broadband order awaiting KCI 3 for weeks

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Broadband order awaiting KCI 3 for weeks

My broadband was initially supposed to be activated on 07/09/22 (and this was already delayed, since I made the order on 11/08/22). According to an open question in the help assistant, the order has needed to 'trigger for KCI 3' since 10/09/22. The question is 'reviewed' periodically, the same thing is repeated, then put on hold again.

An engineer may or may not have been sent yesterday for some reason, but I've been given no confirmation of that despite asking twice.

Can I please get some transparency as to what is happening here? I am paying out of pocket for mobile data in the meantime, which is getting very expensive, and I'm frankly running out of patience.

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Re: Broadband order awaiting KCI 3 for weeks

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Re: Broadband order awaiting KCI 3 for weeks

Hi @acowell, I'm really sorry for the ongoing delays to your order and the really poor experience that's causing for you. I've just picked this up and have added an update to your account here: please take a look when you can and I'll make sure we get you connected as quickly as possible. 

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