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Broadband delayed 6 weeks. Any help?

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Broadband delayed 6 weeks. Any help?



I've been waiting for 6 weeks for Broadband now compared to original order date. There is some issue with provisioning - at various times I've been told it will be resolved within a few days - then I was told the exchange was full - now I am bring informed there is a bridge case.


Anyone been through the same thing? Is it just worth cancelling and going to BT. Seems like plusnet cannot work with Openreach to sort these issues out at all.




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Re: Broadband delayed 6 weeks. Any help?

@viditdd I am in the same boat as you and I am seriously considering cancellation but I want to be sure it will not still set me back several days or weeks as I don't want to be in situation where moving to a new provider will be systematically delayed by PN given what the experience with actually joining them. Read through the forum and you will find many with similar problem. PN is a joke!

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Re: Broadband delayed 6 weeks. Any help?

PN is the biggest joke company. And its not that easy to leave them as well cos we all signed contracts with them.

I tried leaving, apparently we have to give them all the options they have to resolve the issue. If they can't we can then terminate our contracts. This could take months. 

What otter nonsense. Its been a month and i don't have no internet. They sent one engineer who couldn't fix it, so they decide to send another one out. I think the second engineer must have some sort of super power. It will real be funny if the same engineer comes.

All i want is my internet to work. I'm not asking for much!!!!!

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Re: Broadband delayed 6 weeks. Any help?

Hi there and I'm sorry to hear things aren't going to plan.


From searching using the details in your forum profile, I'm not finding any orders in progress.

Mind sending me a PM with your username to make sure I'm looking at the right account?

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