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Broadband activation

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Broadband activation

Hi, I have got a new router which I am waiting for activation on, I was simply wondering if this is handled by plus net and can be put through on your end or if it is something you have to wait for because it’s handled by BT (I read this online so taken with a pinch of salt) If it is a case of waiting is there a way to see the expected date as on my account it doesn’t have a date, where it should be is blank.

Thank you
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Re: Broadband activation

@KieranT99 welcome to the forums. You should have an anticipated activation date in one of the emails/texts PN will have sent you after you had placed the order.

This can move depending on BT/OR  engineer availability, but you should still have had one.

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Re: Broadband activation

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Re: Broadband activation

Hello @KieranT99

Thanks a lot for getting in touch. It looks like your services have gone live today if you want to plug in your router. Let us know if you have any issues at all. Smiley

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds