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Broadband activation poor service

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Registered: ‎18-08-2020

Broadband activation poor service

Support case 204522114 I'm still waiting for my broadband to be connected which should of gone live 7th Aug, I cannot get through to you, I've been a long standing member and this is appalling service, I've complained on twitter to you, no response, already posted on here no response, cannot get through to Customer service by phone, I've no phone line and my broadband is running at 1mb who can sort this urgently. I've been a customer for 15 years.. And this service is appalling no updates throughout the upgrade process, countless hours wasted on hold and now your not accepting phone calls, do I have to go to the press to get action... Even the support case I've listed at the top states keep the customer updated... No contact nothing and I cannot work from home on a 1mb connection it's now slower then before I started the upgrade, Marc Allera (CEO, BT Consumer) do I need to contact you to sort this mess
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Broadband activation poor service

Hi @ James2210,


Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for any late response here, we investigate all social media posts so an earlier response was not possible.


I'm sorry to hear of the provisioning delay issue and appreciate you asking us to look into it. I called you today and have sent a full response via this ticket.


I'll get back to you once I have an update from our suppliers Openreach.


Feel free to contact me here or via the ticket if you have any further queries.


Thanks - LF