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Broadband NOT activated

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Registered: ‎13-12-2021

Broadband NOT activated


My broadband was due to be activated today 13/12 by 12 apparently, so today i've had to miss work because of the downtime which was said to be 'none or minimal' and now it is approaching 12 and I can bet it won't be activated. So now I am worried to miss another day without broadband. Please can you do something to get my broadband working ASAP. 

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Re: Broadband NOT activated

@ASafi99 Welcome to the forums. The '12' you refer to is actually 12 midnight, so still 2.1/2 hours to go. If you have no connection tomorrow morning, post back and maybe we can help.

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Re: Broadband NOT activated

Thanks for your post @ASafi99 and welcome to our Community Forums.

I can see your broadband went live as we'd expected at 22:43 last night and you've ben up and running since then.

Let us know if you have further issues or there's anything else you'd need help with. Smiley

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