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Broadband Delay

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Broadband Delay

Evening all.

Hopefully nothing too concerning but today I took out a package with Broadband ahead of us completing on a property next Wednesday. Meant to go live on 25th September but I just got a text through saying the order had been delayed.

Currently not 100% sure on what the vendor is doing with his broadband.

Anything I should be massively worried about?
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Re: Broadband Delay

@Morris2694  Welcome to the Community Fors.

If the current owner has just cancelled their service it will have thrown a spanner in the works of your order to take over the working service. This will probably result in a delay to your take over as the legislation now dictates that the existing owner's ISP has to contact them to ask if they wish to change their mind. I believe that this takes 10 days. Plusnet then need to resubmit the order. This is to prevent service 'slamming'.


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