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Broadband Activation failed 3 times

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Broadband Activation failed 3 times

Please help,

Signed up for you broadband band nearly a month ago and been given three dates for my broadband activation and still I have no broadband.

I can understand in the current pandemic things might take longer but please stop with all the false promises! I have now spent around 3 hours on hold trying to get ahold of advisors.

I am now completely FED UP and exhausted by having to chase Plusnet. As well as spending a fortune on mobile data to compensate for no broadband.

To add frustration an advisor promised that if going forward there were any failure of my connection I would be contacted or updated but did this happen no! instead I am back on hold again trying to sort this out.

Following the third failure to connect my broadband I spoke to yet another plusnet advisor who said they would call me back an hour later with an update following contact with openreach. Two days later did they call? NO. did they update in the help assistant question on my account? NO

What is going on Plusnet!?
Please please please just sort this out, no shifting the blame onto openreach, give me a genuine update showing progress and can you provide me broadband or not?

What else can I do?
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Re: Broadband Activation failed 3 times

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