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Broadband Activation Date but no news on Router

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Registered: ‎23-03-2021

Broadband Activation Date but no news on Router

Just wondering at what stage people had confirmation their router had been posted out?


I signed up with Plusnet on 19th March for a property I'd moved in to, had the initial welcome email and first payment taken but then no further correspondence.


24th March I called up customer services just to check my order was progressing  to be told that it hadn't for some reason and the person I spoke to manually triggered it at the point, I then received a text the following day to say my phone line would be activated 9th April.


Only today have I received a text to say my broadband will be activated by midnight 10th April, but in my order tracking the hardware dispatch is still showing as "The order has not yet been placed".


Given it's just over a week away and we have the bank holiday weekend as well I'm dubious that it will arrive in time, and with working from home (like most people these days) I'd like to have actual broadband up and running as soon as possible, rather than burning through data on my phone hotspot.

Posts: 2
Registered: ‎23-03-2021

Re: Broadband Activation Date but no news on Router

I've got a few support tickets open regarding my issues, but to keep everything in one place and so people have an indication as to the level of service to expect:


19/03 - Placed order for service; Unlimited Fibre Extra & Line Rental (new property, had been vacant for ~6 months so no existing service)
24/03 - Called PlusNet as no updates or confirmation of order, told order was "stuck in the system" and it would be manually processed now
25/03 - Text message to say engineer booked for phone line install 09/04 between 08:00-13:00
01/04 - Text to say broadband will be activated 10/04 by midnight
05/04 - Text to say router has been ordered and would be with me in a few days
07/04 - Text to say phone line will be activated 06/04 (So.. the day before the message...)
07/04 - Text to say phone line has been activated (unable to confirm as don't have a home phone)
08/04 - Email to say home phone order had been cancelled (What)
08/04 - Called up to query status as correspondence I'm getting is conflicting; Phone line is active & CS advisor confirmed this from their checks, router had been ordered on 05/04 but not dispatched so placed order for router to be dispatched RM 1st class tomorrow. Broadband order had been cancelled (not home phone) when phone line activated, so had to place that order again as well, should receive confirmation of an activation date for BB on 09/04
09/04 - No engineer visited property (not to say they haven't been to the cabinet, but I'm not hopeful) and as of 13:30, no activation date for latest broadband order


So as it's looking, it's going to be at least a month from placing my order to actually getting broadband. Assuming nothing else goes wrong.

From other posts in the forum "stuck in the system" seems to be the go to response at the moment.