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Broad Activation Date Query

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Registered: ‎06-06-2020

Broad Activation Date Query


Recently placed an order to switch over phone line and broadband to PlusNet after ongoing connection problems with Sky.

I'm now struggling to work out when my broadband should go live based on the information I have from PlusNet - see attached screenshot for my order status.

It suggests my broadband order should be complete on 10th June 2020 under the 'Activating your line' stage, but then I'm not sure if the broadband order has actually been placed, since the 'Broadband order' stage isn't listed as being in progress?

I suppose I'm struggling to work if it is suggesting that broadband should be activated on the 10th, or an order will be placed on the 10th? If it's the latter, will I actually be waiting a week from the 10th?

Any thoughts or experience much appreciated!