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Being told different things

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Being told different things

I am absolutely furious that we have to wait till the 23rd of January when we were told it would be 48 hours at the most when we originally took our new customer contract out with plusnet my business is all done over the Internet l work from home and l uses the internet all day long l am currently is seeking legal advice about loss of earnings claim against plusnet and every time l phone up we get told something different we have been told from open reach it can definitely be done by Saturday .rather than waiting till the twenty 23rd of jan lf this is the way you treat your new customers god help the old ones. I have also faxed a letter to your head office and complaint department as l was defiantly told it would be on by 3 different people it would been up and running by today at the latest this is disgusting my solicitor has also faxed a letter about how we were told it would be earlier your advisor words they tell you a date for it to go live but it's 48 hrs at the longest you will be up and running by 48 hrs at the latest but it never takes that long because they push the live date and it never goes through on the date they tell you 48 hrs at the most openreach said that u can fast tracked the broadband activation date but u will have to push your supplier terrible customer services if you record your phone calls for training purposes you need to listen to them about how people are told something different to what really happens l am the editor of the local paper aswell
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Re: Being told different things

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Re: Being told different things

Hi @denisejones2223, I am really sorry to hear of the experience you have had with us.


I can only apologise if you have been informed of any incorrect or misleading information and will certainly ensure that we raise feedback internally where necessary.


I have taken a look into your orders and have provided a more detailed response on the account here (due to it containing account specific information).


Please get back to us if you have any further queries.

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