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Bad experience so far.

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Registered: ‎27-06-2020

Bad experience so far.

Bristol based.


I joined on the 16th June having just moved into a new flat. Broadband is essential to my work. I was given an activation date of 24th June with the promise that if this could not be fulfilled I would be notified within 48 hours. It got to the 24th June, 8 days later and I was waiting patiently until 4/5pm when I realised something was off so I phoned Plusnet. I was put through to a young lady who I can only describe as having an attitude when I informed her that I wasn't sure what my Plusnet password is, she actually sighed. She then tried to convince me that 24th June was only a tentative date however I was aware that I should have been informed of any cancellation within 48 hours. She promptly apologised for trying to tell me otherwise. She then told me I was guaranteed an activation date within 24 hours of our phone call so I accepted and waited. 2 days later and guess what? Nothing. I phoned and was put through to a gentleman who told fed me some administrative garbage about why my order hadn't gone through and he informed me that he would put the order through again himself. I have now received a new notification telling me my broadband will be activated 10th July.


24 days after my order, 16 days after the initial activation date which I had planned my move around, and spent considerable money in the process.


That's if this new activation date is even true. I work from home and this has caused me so much grief. I would very much like to leave this shambles of an organisation and find a new provider however having read how difficult it appears to be get a refund and not having a lot of cash to throw around, also the time it would take to reorganise all of this, it is more convenient for me to stay, albeit begrudgingly. 


0/10 would not recommend. 

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