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BT to Plusnet: Order progress?

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BT to Plusnet: Order progress?



I ordered Plusnet services (Fibre broadband and phone line rental) on the 14th December, with services scheduled to transfer on the 3rd January. 


I received emails to confirm this on that day, including an email from BT that confirmed my leaving date as the 3rd. However, I've heard (and had) nothing since. On the order tracker page for Broadband, it still says 'First payment - We're taking a first payment of £15.99 for your account.'


Can you confirm whether this order is still going ahead as scheduled? I've not had a router delivered yet, or anything to suggest one has been dispatched. As I mentioned, I've also had no other contact from from this date (other than the confirmation letter sent through the post). I'd just like to be sure that the order has been put through correctly, as unfortunately, I've had a lot of issues with BT on this line in the past, and I want to be sure that everything goes ahead without a hitch.


Thanks for any advice/information you can provide.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: BT to Plusnet: Order progress?


Hi ls34@,


We're really sorry that there hasn't been information provided to yourself sooner.


I have provided a full update for you here


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance as we are more than happy to help!


Thank you.