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Awaiting news on progress with landline switch

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Awaiting news on progress with landline switch


Requested upgrade from a value broadband only deal to an unlimited broadband with the landline being brought over from BT. Unsurprisingly the broadband side of things happened on the billing date, but haven't heard a thing about the landline except for the original order acknowledgment which said ten working days and we'll keep you updated.

It has been fifteen working days so far. Times being what they are I could imagine there might be delays, though it has to be said most reports are pretty upbeat about timescales. Don't mind that so much, especially as the line rental is billed with the landline, but I'd like to be kept a little more in the loop.

I'm assuming that I'll end up with the same phone number. I've not been asked about it specifically but the phone number has been on this account for years now so I assume that suffices. It has to as not retaining it is not an option.



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Re: Awaiting news on progress with landline switch


Thanks for your post @orangebucket 

I'm sorry for the delay with your phone order. I've now put steps in place to transfer your phone line to us retaining your landline number. We'll confirm your transfer date within the next 24-48 hours.

Let us know if there are further issues or anything else you'd need help with.

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