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Atrocious customer experience

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Atrocious customer experience

I've placed my order initially on the 24th October, its been ONE WHOLE MONTH since plusnet has not been keeping their promises which put hope not only in one person but the whole family. Plusnet services simply offer empty promises; I was supposed to go live on the 9th November to this day they are not activating my broadband or telephone. I paid upfront as well... They keep saying it'll be activated on said and said dates and they fail to do so.. I want a refund for what I paid and I want the broadband to be activated today as promised or I will be cancelling my subscription. I will no longer tolerate lies fed by plusnet support.
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Re: Atrocious customer experience

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Atrocious customer experience

Thanks for your post @Shazahmed251 

I'm sorry for the delay with your order. From what I can see that completed this morning however upon testing your line the tests are showing a fault at the exchange on Openreach's equipment so I've reported a fault with our suppliers now and we've been provided an estimated response time of by 26/11/20 23:59:59 for an engineer to investigate further.

We'll provide an update as soon as we know more.

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