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Are Openreach coming or not?

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Are Openreach coming or not?

This is my second attempt to get fibre installed at my house. The first attempt ended, as Openreach wanted £8500 to install the cable from the main road (we live in a rural area). Plusnet were not willing to pay for it, so that was that.

I have since learnt that my neighbour, who lives further up the lane from me, has since had fibre installed at her property. Based on this information, I have tried to upgrade to fibre again. I have agreed what plan I’d like to have with Plusnet and they told me that Openreach would come out to my property on 20th February to do the necessary work at the house. However, I haven’t received any confirmation email from Plusnet confirming the appointment tomorrow, so I don’t know if I should take the day off work or not? I have tried calling Plusnet, but they can’t tell me anything.

Could anybody give me any advice on this please? I have no idea what to do and don’t want to get charged for Openreach turning up if I’m not at home.

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Re: Are Openreach coming or not?

This forum is not closely monitored especially at weekends and your only hope is to phone again. Openreach coming or not is as hard to answer as ET making his/her landing in Trafalgar Square next week, they can be very erratic.

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Re: Are Openreach coming or not?


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