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Another botched move in job

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Another botched move in job

This company is absolutely ridiculous. Do not purchase your broadband from them if you are looking to move into a new property and want to the broadband set up straight away.

They have delayed putting in the broadband twice now, meaning that I have been left with no wifi whilst being in the property.

If they have an issue they never actually tell you, instead they just post on some useless question board a day later. This further prolongs the terrible customer service.

I highly recommend not going with plusnet if you are looking for an easy and stress free moving in experience.

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Re: Another botched move in job

Hi I am replying to you in the hope that others might read this I can't seem to reply on my own site, what a complete and utter mess trying to change my existing provider to plus net how many people want to change their land line and Mobil numbers this information should have been supplied at the start VERBAL not in a 21 page terms and agreement 3 hours yesterday on the phone trying to sort this, still ongoing might well be gone soon,

that will do nicely Huh

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Re: Another botched move in job

Thanks for getting in touch @skinner74

I'm really sorry for the delay with your order and to see you feel this way about us. 

From what I can see there was an existing line at your property but the current provider cancelled our order to takeover the services provided on the line and ceased it on the 23rd November. 

We've then had place an order for an engineer to go out to connect a line to your property and activate our services. 

We'll provide an update as soon as we know when the engineer visit will be.


@Trevor724679, I'm sorry for the issues you're having, though there's not much detail here for me to roll with.

Firstly are you posting regarding a mobile or landline/broadband account? I can see you've posted in our mobile board and here on a topic under My Order (which we use for landline/broadband).

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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