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Activation - when, why, how, where? Etc!

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Activation - when, why, how, where? Etc!

Moved into a new rental property on the 26th of May, and ordered phone line and broadband on the 30th. The phone line went live on the 2nd of June, and I got a text saying my order had been delayed so I rang up to query. They said they would manually override it and that they would send out confirmation within 48 hours, and that my broadband would be activated on Thursday 8th by midnight. I didn’t receive an email or text message yesterday, and it hasn’t connected thus far when I (preemptively and with everything crossed) turned on the router at 00:04 this morning.

When logging into the plusnet Hub manager, the username is [myusername], and I have the option to press connect, but when I do that it thinks about it for a few seconds and then I get a green box that says “disconnected ” and can go no further.

It’s rather inconvenient as both my partner and I work from home 3 days a week, and we’ve both haemorrhaged our data by frantically hotspotting. It’s gotten to the point now where we’ve both almost run out of data, and may have to resort to actually talking to each other or reading to pass the time!

I know it’s only been 20 min, but I’ve had no end of trouble since I signed up, with my order being cancelled numerous times (not on my end), a “your order has been delayed” text every other day, and initially my broadband wasn’t even ordered, even though I paid and definitely ordered broadband.

Would very much appreciate advice on this, as I’ve been snooping all evening and can see the mods/staff are fabulous and seemingly omniscient. Smiley

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Activation - when, why, how, where? Etc!

Hi @ellis2127 I can see that your order has been placed, we shouldn't have confirmed the activation date until we had this confirmed via the Suppliers. We've now got the information that your broadband is going active on the 15th June, this can be anytime up to 23.59 on this date. I'm sorry with the delay in this, we've got the earliest date available for installation of the broadband.

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 Claudia Garner
 Plusnet Help Team