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Activation time for FTTC

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Registered: ‎23-03-2021

Activation time for FTTC



Might sound a bit impatient, but I was wondering why the time between ordering and an activation date being given is so long with PlusNet? I ordered earlier today and my order is apparently still being processed. 


To give you some background on why I'm a bit keen, my estate just got a fibre cabinet installed and it went 'live' today for orders. I've had problems before with all the available ports going before I've been able to order, so made sure I was one of the first to order today. Unfortunately all my neighbours have now ordered with various other providers, and ALL of them have activation/engineer dates.. I'm still waiting for PlusNet to process my order? 


I'm so worried about missing out on a port after 4 years of waiting, I am tempted to pull the plug on Plusnet and order elsewhere just to be certain I'm booked in and have a port. I have called and got given 'up to 24 hours', but to see everyone else getting theirs in minutes, I'm not overly confident...


Any help would be much appreciated.