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Activation Time - Working from home...

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Activation Time - Working from home...

Morning Guys,


Just had my Sky BB cut off at precisely the wrong time, I forgot my plusnet BB was activating today so I've just plugged everything in and I've got and orange bar and a flashing red BB light. I'm assuming this is down to the line not being activated yet?


Any chance you could give an ETC on this?




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Re: Activation Time - Working from home...

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Re: Activation Time - Working from home...

If today is your activation day, switch over can happen anytime up untill midnight.
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Re: Activation Time - Working from home...

Hi @jelstone31,


I'm sorry to hear that you were cut off from your previous provider at an inconvenient time. I've checked your landline and broadband orders and I can confirm that these are both committed to go live today. As @Shep41 has mentioned, the orders will complete at any time up to midnight today.

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Re: Activation Time - Working from home...

Are you aware that working from home using a residential service is not compatible with your T&Cs?

Do you have contingency plans in the event of a broken phone line?  BT Openreach SLA is + 3 working days (72 hours) - how would you manage in such a situation?

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