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Activating phone line for 3 months

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Activating phone line for 3 months

Hi I placed the order to move to yourselves on the 17th July, since then I had a letter 2 days later saying everything will be moved over router will arrive etc. Since then I have had nothing at all, no communication, no response from help questions and I can’t get through on the phone. My order status has not changed it just says we are waiting for the line to transfer to a different number. It’s now been 3 months I have had enough and I want to cancel and just stay with my current provider who fortunately haven’t cut me off. I have paid the 17.99 first month via credit card on 17th July but received nothing for it, so I would like a refund for this please. The idea of switching was to save money! Never mind the gift card that I was promised.

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Re: Activating phone line for 3 months

I understand your problem, being a rejoiner after 10 years or so away I've already started having problems with my move to Plusnet. After confirming I want to keep my phone number, they've gone and changed it for the swapover. So far I've tried calling, to be cut off as they were too busy, raising a ticket which hasn't been looked at in 2 days, and no idea when they will even try to reply. Nothing seems to have changed in the time I was away even though BT took them over. At least with BT I got customer service. If this isn't resolved in the next few days I'll be cancelling my order too.